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Barbee Tile & Marble has been installing tile, marble, wood, and natural stone materials in Southwest Florida for nearly 25 years. We also install laminate flooring, luxury vinyl tile, and carpet finishes.


We are licensed, insured and carefully vet every craftsman that we employ. We are here to give the client the most inclusive installation service at the very best value.


Our experience with all types of design materials in a wide array of configurations, makes us among the most experienced tile, marble, stone and wood installers on the Paradise Coast.


We have built long term relationships with our wholesale suppliers so that we may deliver the best materials at the most competitive prices.

Our Craftmanship. Your Style.

Services that stand on excellence.


We install glass tile. Not only is glass tile esthetically beautiful, it is durable, easy to clean and will highlight any room, both indoors and out. Use a little as a border, or get brazen and install it on an entire wall. Glass comes in an array of shapes and colors and refracts light. Glass tile is sure to add chic to any room or area of your home.


Patterns are a great way to add a unique flair to a room or an outdoor space. This French Pattern is also known as Versailles or Roman pattern. Our skilled craftsmen are ready to make your space come to life with this unique install technique.


Travertine is a unique limestone material that comes from around the world. It can be installed both indoors and in outdoor spaces. You can find Travertine a wide variety of sizes and colors. Our craftsmen are skilled Travertine installers. Let us handle your Travertine install needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
For the most esthetic install, start with a local, reputable tile or flooring distributor. There are many reasons to material shop at your neighborhood tile distributor other than the obvious big box stores, but two reasons that stand out are the material you select from a reputable distributor will all originate from the same dye lot and because quality standards are held in much higher regard at a distributor than a big box store. Not all tile is manufactured equally. Keep in mind the following points: Big Box stores don’t account for dye lot differences and calibration. If you’re looking for the most aesthetically pleasing install, look to your local, reputable flooring or tile distributor. A local dealer will make sure that the materials you’ve selected are all connected to the same dye lot, color scheme, pattern, and that the tile is manufactured to quality standards, leaving little room for irregular calibration, flaws and warpage; making your over-all install as aesthetically beautiful and as sound as possible. For more information, don’t hesitate to call us. We are here to help you through the entire process. Estimates and consultations are always free.
The long and short answer to this question is yes and also no. Yes, a repair is absolutely possible, depending on the TYPE of material, and IF you have the EXACT tile/finishing floor materials on hand from the original install. Enough material on hand, is necessary, including an additional 10% needed for waste, OR for other surrounding areas that may be damaged unintentionally during the removal of the blemished area. No, you can’t repair a tile floor if you do not have the exact materials, including overage. If you’ve purchased the original tile more than 6 months to a year out, unless the material is exceptionally popular, the chances of finding that exact same style of material from that exact dye lot are pretty much non-existent. If you decide to move forward with the repair anyway, using a similar tile to the existing tile, expect variances in color, pattern, dye lot, grout color and even size. We always encourage our clients to save any unused materials from an original install. These extra materials may be put to good use in the case of a repair.  For more information, don’t hesitate to call us. We are here to help you through the repair process. Estimates and consultations are always free.
Yes, a floor covering and tile contractor must hold a trade license, issued by that county, with Workman’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance. The Paradise Coast is considered paradise for a reason. Collier County, especially, takes a great sense of pride in its communities and surrounding areas. Because of this, competency and quality are the cornerstone of every construction venture in Southwest Florida. In order to be issued a county trade license for tile, marble, stone and flooring installation, the contractor must pass a 2-hour competency test, that includes proper installation of flooring substrates, and the application of numerous different flooring, and wall finishes, both natural and man-made. The trade applicant must also pass a 2-hour, Florida Law exam that highlights, but is not limited to liens, project management, and safety. For the protection of the client, contractor and its employees’, every flooring and tile contractor must hold general liability insurance and workman’s compensation certificates of insurance. There are steep consequences for the worker, contractor AND for the homeowner or client that hires unlicensed, uninsured people to work for them. Barbee Tile and Marble LLC, is licensed and insured in both Collier and Lee counties. Clients can rest assured that they are working with a company that is vested in providing quality craftsmanship and safety to all projects.
Do you think your shower might be leaking? Some tell-tale signs of an unhealthy shower are water stains surrounding the shower, the walls behind the shower, or on the ceiling below or underneath your shower if the bath is located in a multi-story residence. Grout may be loose or falling out, you may have missing or loose tiles, and your shower walls might be soft or flexible when pressure is applied. You may have noticeable signs of mold and mildew, or you may smell an unpleasant odor even if there is no visible fungus growth. A leaking shower can cause a host of costly problems, not just to the shower and its immediate surround areas, but other zones of your home, including your HVAC and vent system. Obviously early diagnosis is key to keeping repair costs affordable and damage to your home minimal. Every problem shower is unique and must be evaluated by a trained professional. Barbee Tile and Marble estimates and consultations are always free, and we are always happy to discuss options for repair or complete replacement. Don’t wait! Call today!
Porcelain is actually a type of ceramic and both materials are similar, but each has certain qualities that set them apart. Porcelain tile is more dense than ceramic tile because it is made from the fusion of natural clays and is more organic in nature. This high clay density makes porcelain impermeable, stain resilient, chip and crack resistant, and incredibly durable; making porcelain tile the ideal choice for wet, and high traffic areas. A properly installed porcelain tile floor will have lasting beauty and durability for decades. Ceramic tile is made from man-made and natural materials and fired under less intense temperatures than porcelain, making it softer, easier to cut, and vulnerable to damage. Unglazed ceramic tiles are porous, inexpensive, less durable than porcelain tile and difficult to clean. A protective glaze is often applied to ceramic tiles, making the material less likely to stain and also giving it moisture resistant properties, much like its porcelain cousin; however, because the glaze is limited to one side of the tile, the remaining sides of the ceramic tile are vulnerable to water damage if the neighboring grout is ever compromised over the life of the install. Although porcelain tile is winning in popularity over its counterpart ceramic, it is not always the most apparent choice. We are here to help you decide which material option is best for your install. Call Barbee Tile and Marble today for a free estimate and consultation.
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